Friday, 12 April 2013

Friends of Quinn - Life has its ups and downs

Hi All

I've just been video-interviewed on Skype by the charming and charismatic Irish-American Quinn Bradlee from hisWashington based home for his learning difficulties help website:-

His website is filled with practical help and personal experiences from people around the globe  (some very famous) all struggling valiantly and learning to cope with or even overcoming many different types of learning difficulties.

Definitely recommended viewing / reading.

All the best


Friday, 28 January 2011

Another Blog to visit

Hi everyone

Hazel Carr has a very interesting story to tell

Check it out here at

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Saturday, 23 October 2010

Next Generation


I'm pleased to reveal that the circle has almost turned the full 360 degrees.

Because on 6th October 2010, Anthony's partner gave birth to a very cute 5 pounds 11 ounces tiny bundle of joy - Chloe.

Meanwhile Chloe's very recent Uncle - Ben is studying hard at Portsmouth University and her father (Anthony) is doing excellently - a real top performer in the life assurance call centre for which he work's

And ...This particular grand father is still getting used to the ioutcome of recent events :-)

Obviously it is very early days and all seems well with Chloe.

Whatever lies in store .. we know that the Internet community is a great way to share knowledge and I hope some of the stories and incidents in this Blog of how Anthony and the rest of our family has faced up to his Dyspraxia condition.

We have a few ideas of how to make some of this knowledge more widely available, and if the Blog has been useful to you, please comment below.

Kind regards


Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Moving further into the outside world

Well the news is that my son Anthony is finally moving 100% into the outside world.

For the past 10 months he and his girlfriend have lived separately (but still literally next door) in a four room annex we had customised for them.

It certainly was our intention that it would act as an airlock before he finally stepped away from the mothership and out into the big wide world.

And last Friday that giant step was taken - as they both moved out from our annex and into their own rented flat, a few miles down the road.

I must admit it was mixed emotions for myself and my wife (who also are contending with our youngest boy Ben moving as a Student to Portsmouth University) as the nest is feeling decidedly empty!

However I'm also proud and contented that Anthony has come such a long way in the last 18 years, driving, a full time job, a full time fiancee ;-) and now taking that step to full independence in his own place.

Whilst its never been the easiest of rides, and who's to know what twists and turns are before us on this roller-coaster called life.

But I think independence was the one true gift I always wanted for Anthony and it's great that this is his gift this Christmas.

The next step is (if I can persuade him) to take on this blog or start his own, so that he can give a first hand view of the journey so far .. and not just my view.

Anyway tomorrow is a new dawn

And I wish you all a fantastic Christmas and a happy 2010!

Take care


Saturday, 13 December 2008

Ace High - What to give Dyspraxic children for Christmas

Hi there,

It's that special time of year again.

So what would any Dyspraxic child like for Christmas?

As always ..... parental support and patience will aways be right up there...

And most will want - lots more confidence.

Confidence comes from the courage of trying new things ..

and the familiarisation brought by of lots and lots of practice.

So any present that can help your child with their "fine motor control"

- which can be as expensive as a new game boy controller .. or a Wii.

Or can be as cheap as screwing up - into small balls - all the christmas paper after the presents have been opened.

When Anthony was 7 or 8 he always liked playing cards - 21 Pontoon, Cribbage or Whist.

It was great because he would get so excited when he won (and obviously - don't be such a competitive Mum or Dad that you can't let your child win a few hands !!)

Also was quite difficult for him to deal the cards in the right sequence .. or even hold the cards all fanned out - in one hand . .. so all that practice was excellent for him.

So there's just a couple of ideas.

I hope you all have a great Christmas

and a very happy 2009.

Take care